One of our instructors demonstrating how to rappel.

About Strathcona Park Lodge


Strathcona’s Mission: To teach the wonder, spirit and worth of people and the natural world through outdoor pursuits.

Exciting goals to have, but not easy ones live up to. We achieve them with a set of core values called The Strathcona Circle: More with Less; Stewardship; Challenge by Choice; Living on the Edge; Generosity of Spirit; Happy Warrior.

These six principles govern everything that happens at Strathcona Park Lodge, from the food we serve to the people we employ, and from our environmental ethos to our teaching style. We live them every day and teach them as part of all our programs, often by example. Here’s how.

6 Core Values

More with Less

Minimizing one’s impact on the planet through one’s choices

Strathcona is a self-contained community of more than 20 buildings, 50 or more staff and can accommodate up to 200 guests. We’re highly sensitive to energy conservation and the entire operation is powered by a micro-hydro system. We also heat our water with passive solar technology and we treat it ourselves.


Caring for one’s local environment and teaching others to care too.

When a logging company planned to cut old growth trees in a pristine valley Strathcona helped organize a land swap, even though it meant more logging in their viewscape. The Lodge and its employees have been instrumental in keeping Strathcona Provincial Park protected and wild.

Challenge by Choice

Providing the opportunity for individuals to choose to take appropriate risks in a safe environment where success is guaranteed.

While the zip lines at Strathcona appear dangerous, the cables, pulleys and carabiners are strong enough to hold a car, that doesn’t make that first step off the platform any easier for a lot of people. Whether someone leaps, balks or just puts on a harness, as long as they tried it’s considered a success.

Living on the Edge

Being open to new experiences, new ideas and people’s differences.

Hand in hand with Challenge by Choice, Living on the Edge means trying. It’s being brave and climbing into a kayak for the first time. It’s doing your best on the high ropes course. And most importantly it’s leaving stereotypes and preconceptions behind.

Generosity of Spirit

Thinking of others with kindness and charity, giving others the benefit of the doubt, treating people with respect.

No matter the task, you’ll see people chipping in at the Lodge. Whether it’s stoking the sauna so others can use it or picking up that piece of litter and putting it in the garbage, it’s all about thinking of others as much as oneself.

Happy Warrior

Going at tasks (including the mundane or daunting) with gusto, being a positive contributor to a team and always pitching in.

The rain is pouring down and camp is still a long way off, yet the entire group is singing at the top of their lungs. Those are happy warriors. We’re never surprised when we hear about groups of all ages and backgrounds overcoming hardship with a smile, a laugh and a song.