Best Easy Hikes and Waterfalls in Strathcona Park AKA: Hikes you can do while holding a cup of coffee!

Categories: Hiking

Strathcona Provincial Park is a wonderland for hikers. And although there are plenty of massive peaks and epic trips to choose from, sometimes the mood calls for something a little more mellow. 

We’ve rounded up our favourite low-key nature walks suitable for families with small children, groups who want to get out and experience nature in just a few hours, or as we like to say “hikes you can do while holding a cup of coffee!” 

One of the gems of the Strathcona Provincial Park is its wildness and quietude! There’s plenty of room for everyone here and you’ll be surprised by the breathtaking views and waterfalls you can access from within 15 minutes of the trailhead. 

  1. Head to Myra Falls—when you encounter this breathtaking waterfall you’ll find yourself wondering why there aren’t more people talking about it! This picturesque wonderland is the ideal place to have a picnic with your family, do some sun bathing, OR (if you’re brave) take a plunge and go swimming! (Always with caution, of course!) At the southern end of Buttle Lake, this undiscovered gem is incredibly accessible—Lower Myra falls is just a 5 minute walk down an easily travelled trail. 
  2. Lupin Falls. A classic choice from the Lodge, this hike is just 15 minutes down the road. Follow a meandering path up through the rainforest to a beautiful waterfall. A popular spot for wedding photos for Lodge couples, this gorgeous and accessible hike is a short and sweet 1 km loop, yet very scenic. One of the best parts of Lupin is you can get very close to the base of the waterfall—the trail is moderate and well-maintained. Great for the whole family. 
  3. Karst Creek. This underrated nature trail is a 2km loop. The walk’s ever-changing landscape includes dense rainforest, disappearing streams, a waterfall and an amazing variety of flora. Super dynamic and interesting! Allow about an hour and a half for a nice meander through the rainforest!
  4. Elk River Viewpoint. This little viewing platform is only a 400 meter jaunt. It features impressive old growth stumps and a view of the Elk River that point to the rich history of logging in the valley. The platform offers an immersive valley view and is a great place for a picnic or just a timeout in nature. Interpretive signs along the trail and at the platform tell the story of the Elk River and shed light on the Roosevelt Elk and their habitat. A particularly great place for multi-generational groups to spend time together in nature. 
  5. Lady Falls. Strathcona Provincial Park is teaming with accessible waterfalls. Just under 1km, this accessible trail head is on highway 28 as you head towards the village of Gold River. As you make your way down this trail you’ll be treated to old growth forests of cedar, hemlock and douglas fir. The trail concludes at a sturdy viewing platform which offers an up close view of this stunning waterfall.

For more information on Strathcona Provincial Park hikes, check out the park map! Besides our own beta, it’s the main source of info we use at the Lodge to inform guests about local trails.