Taking in the alpine glow of Strathcon Provincial Park.

Financial Assistance


Loans and Bursaries

Most Canadian students qualify for student loans and even some government training funds and bursaries. Talk to a Loans Officer at your school, or look up http://www.aved.gov.bc.ca/studentaidbc/. We are sorry, but our school is not big enough to have enough capital to have our own bursary program.

The Hilary Stewart Bursary is also available potential applicants. This is a bursary provided Strathcona Park Lodge. You can find more information here.


Also check out these websites:


COLT is tax-deductible

As a registered Private Post-Secondary Institution all graduates will be provided with an official tax form indicating the tuition amount paid. You may claim that amount on your Income Tax.

College Credit?

The COLT program may be transferable for credits at other post-secondary institutions. Talk to an academic advisor or your Dean’s Office to find out.