Feeling on top of the world as the clouds fill the valleys on Vancouver Island.

Sample Itinerary


Students have come from around the world and right next door. Many are looking for a career in the outdoor industry. Others are looking for a break, a gap year or leave of absence from their job. Some are looking to change careers or simply to learn outdoor skills at a high level. All are welcome.

The only prerequisites are a love for the outdoors and a positive attitude.


The Places You Go

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Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training

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White Water Kayaking: 49.783174, -126.061097
COLT - Canoeing: 50.037971, -125.290156
COLT - Flat Water Canoeing: 49.890176, -125.653490
COLT - Nimpkish River: 50.245787, -126.779500
COLT - Surf Kayaking: 49.050826, -125.727922
COLT - Sea Kayak Nootka Sound: 49.619667, -126.557167
COLT - Sea Kayak in Tidal Currents: 50.213925, -125.137184
COLT - Rock Climbing at Crest Creek Crags: 49.849769, -125.824833
COLT - Rock Climbing in Squamish: 49.680966, -123.144570
COLT - Intro to Mountain Travel: 49.543823, -125.604306
COLT - Intermediate Mountain Travel: 49.718777, -125.651856
COLT - Snow and Glacier Travel: 49.460471, -125.573922
COLT - Mountain Journey: 49.460471, -125.573922
80hr First Aid: 49.892202, -125.652822

Sample schedule for the Summer 93 day course (only an example, the order may be different for your specific course)

Day 1 – Arrival: Arrive at 4:00 pm, introductions, tour of the lodge grounds, workings and procedures of COLT and the Lodge- social in the evening.

Day 2 – Orientation: The morning is spent on outdoor education theory, deciding group decision making, and teamwork issues. The afternoon is spent on the High Ropes Course.

Day 3 – Flat Water Canoeing: Learning the fundamentals of lake canoeing, as well as what elementary strokes are expected to be mastered.

Day 4 – 6 – White Water Canoeing: Taking the lake water canoeing skills and adding white water skills. Also learning moving water safety

Day 7 – 9 – Introduction to White Water Kayaking: First time in kayaks!

Day 10 – 13 – Introduction to Rock Climbing: First time on the rock- first day is some theory

Day 14 – 23 – Wilderness First Aid course: Mostly classroom, but some outside work

Day 24 – VHF Marine Radio Operators Course and Exam: To get the Transport Canada radio license.

Day 25 – Day Off: Unsupervised time.

Day 26 – 32 – Squamish Rock Camp: First ‘road trip’- off to Squamish for a week of intense rock climbing.

Day 33 – 39 – Introduction to Mountaineering: First trip to the backcountry and mountains

Day 40 – 43 – Tofino Surf Trip: First trip to the ocean, off to the west side of the island and to Tofino to learn and practice ocean surfing in kayaks.

Day 44 – 46 – White Water Kayaking II: More white water kayaking with new skill learning and solidifying white water confidence.

Day 47 – Day Off: Unsupervised time.

Day 48 – 51 – Nimpkish River Expedition: A wilderness river done expedition style.

Day 52 – Mid-term Meeting; Group gathering to discuss successes, trials, the future and present state of the group. Includes individual meetings with the Program Director.

Day 53 – 55 – Mid-term Break: Off time

Day 56 – 64 – Nootka Sound Sea Kayaking: Introduction to sea kayaking and a wilderness trip to the west side of the island.

Day 65 – Day Off: Unsupervised time.

Day 66 – 71 – Snow and Glacier: Introduction to glacier travel. More mountain work

Day 72 – 76– Canoe Instructor Course and Exam: The course prepares students for the exam which allows for graduates to be certified canoe instructors.

Day 77 – 82 – Tidal Sea Kayaking Expedition: A sea kayaking expedition through the east side (tidal) waters of Vancouver Island- this trip also serves as the exam for the assistant sea kayaking guides certification.

Day 83 – Day Off: Unsupervised time

Day 84 – 91 – Mountain Journey: This last field trip involves a student directed continuous mountain journey somewhere in Strathcona Park

Day 92 – Course End Meetings and Celebration: Group and Individual meetings to discuss and evaluate the course and student’s performance- also discuss future. Evening dinner and celebration!

Day 93 – Clean-up and Depart.


The Fall COLT 93 day course has almost the same schedule, but in reverse order.