Rock climbing in the world renowned Squamish.

Life After COLT


One of the advantages of COLT is its job ready focus (see how COLT compares to other similar programs). The course is designed to create employable outdoor instructors and guides, and that’s just what you’ll be. But you’ll also possess “soft skills” that are invaluable in almost any career.

Living in a small group, learning new skills in a challenging environment will force you to develop and hone your group management, problem solving, communication and leadership skills. These hard-to-teach skills have cross over to any job that involves working with a team of colleagues, in any setting, indoors or out.


COLT graduates will be offered a working practicum at Strathcona Park Lodge. Read more about the Practicum. During this unpaid work experience you will shadow Strathcona instructors as they teach school aged children everything from rock climbing to overnight camping skills. At first you will mostly observe, but as the weeks go by you will gradually take on more of a leadership roll. It’s excellent experience for whatever job you pursue afterwards.

The Lodge and Beyond

At the end of the four or five week practicum you may be invited to join Strathcona Park Lodge’s staff on a seasonal or full time basis.  You will have the opportunity to lead and instruct sea kayaking, backpacking and canoeing trips, and instruct activities around the Lodge like rock climbing, high ropes, zip line, kayaking and more.

Many COLT graduates do not end up working at Strathcona Park Lodge because they either want to return to their home areas, or they want a career in an outdoor field that is not either offered at Strathcona Park Lodge or they are seeking work with a different population that Strathcona does not serve. Either way, our graduates that want outdoor jobs will find outdoor jobs.

Beyond Strathcona, COLT graduates are qualified for a variety of outdoor related jobs:

  • assistant multi-day sea kayak guide
  • lead day trip sea kayak guide
  • day and overnight hiking guide
  • rock climbing gym instructor
  • outdoor education instructor
  • flat water canoe instructor or guide
  • kayak instructor
  • international travel guide or leader
  • youth at risk or adjudicated youth worker

With a little more training and experience hundreds of more job opportunities are available. Read about where some COLT students have ended up.

See some of the job opportunities available for COLT students.