Daily Adventure


During the summer months, our talented instructors lead guests on some of our most popular activities. We offer afternoon sessions of three hours open to onsite guests and to the public, and complimentary evening sessions of one hour for onsite guests only. For 2020, Daily Adventures are offered by reservation from June 27 – July 6, and from July 17 to September 6. During the Spring and Fall months, guides can be hired privately depending on availability.

Participating in Daily Adventures is the best way to try activities such as zip lining, high ropes and rock climbing. Activities are beginner friendly and include all necessary equipment. Space is limited, so to ensure a spot we recommend signing up at the office or by phone at 250-286-3122.

Daily Adventures Schedule

1:30-4:30 PM 7:00-8:15 PM
Sunday Tree Climb and Zipline Kayak Slide
Monday High Ropes Rock Wall
Tuesday Tree Climb and Zipline Kayak Soccer
Wednesday Boating Activities Rock Wall
Thursday High Ropes Big Canoe
Friday Tree Climb and Zipline Stand Up Paddleboard
Saturday High Ropes Nature Walk or Bannock Making


Adult – $45

Child (Ages 6 to 12) – $35 accompanied by a paying adult

Guidelines for Daily Adventure High Ropes, Rock Climbing and Zip Line Participation.

The following guidelines have been established to ensure the physical and emotional safety of our guests: individuals, families and groups. Where a child does not meet the minimum age or height requirements, a private guide, if available, can be booked.

  • High Ropes: Minimum height requirement of 48 in (120cm), minimum age requirement of 10 yrs
  • Rock Climbing: Minimum age requirement of 8 yrs
  • Zip Line: Minimum age requirement of 6 yrs

Rock Climbing

Whether you love or fear heights, our guides will be with you every step of the way, allowing you to push your limits on the rock, while having peace of mind on the rope. When you get to the top, stop and enjoy the view across Upper Campbell Lake before stepping off the cliff on rappel. The climbs are easy to moderate, and suitable for beginner to intermediate climbers. Climbers must be at least 8 years old.

High Ropes Course

Hidden in a stand of towering old growth trees is our High Ropes Course, a series of challenges strung 15 to 30 feet above the ground. Leap across a gap, walk a narrow wire, unlock the mind and body, and problem solve, all while safely tethered to an overhead line. While designed to challenge everyone, no experience is necessary to enjoy the course. Participants must be 48 inches tall and/or 10 years old.

Zip Lines

Want to scream for joy while you fly like Tarzan through the trees? Take a thrilling ride through the forest on one of two unique zip lines, all while safely attached to a wire. It’s an exhilarating experience that no one should miss, whether you’re eight or 80 years old. Physically it’s one of the easiest activities on the property, but it can also be mentally intimidating to step off the platform. Let go and give it a try! It is a highlight for many of our visitors.

Tree Climb

Ever wonder what it’s like to climb a 50 foot tree? Now is your chance to find out. In the logger’s tradition, climb the giant staples pinned to a Douglas Fir, with a rope and harness to keep you safe. It doesn’t hurt the tree, and the birds eye view from the top is one of a kind.


Learn the basics of kayaking, play games and explore the lake by boat.

Kayak Slide

Launch like a seal from the kayak slide – test your balance and brace!

Kayak Soccer

A fun twist to a classic game – join us for friendly competition and be prepared to get wet!

Nature Walk

Visit our 10,000 year old bog, usually found in the arctic, and learn about its unique flora.

Rock Wall

Practise technique on a covered outdoor wall and prepare to take your skills to our climbing bluffs.

Stand Up Paddleboard

Lean a few basics on a paddleboard in the safety of the lake.

Tree Climb

Give ‘Doug’ a hug. Using traditional climbing gear and techniques, scale a 60m Douglas Fir tree for a unique view of Upper Campbell Lake.

Zip Line

Watch the forest zipping by as you travel at high speed in your harness, safely attached to overhead cables.

Self-Guided Activities

Lodge guests can take part in self-guided activities. Want a guide to show you around? Our skilled and knowledgeable instructors are often available to lead you through these activities for a fee. Please inquire for details at the office or call (250) 286-3122.

Low Ropes Course

The Low Ropes Course encourages you to test your balance, problem solving, and teamwork skills on a collection of games and challenges. This is a great place for kids to play and adults to try their tight rope walking skills.

Boat Rentals

Explore the local waterways by canoe, kayak or stand up paddle board.

Hiking Trails

In the past 50 years, we’ve had plenty of time to find the best hiking spots: a fascinating bog, incredible viewpoints and challenging climbs. String all the trails together and you’ve got a fantastic, varied and scenic day hike. Knocking off each destination on its own is equally rewarding. Pick up a map at the office and get hiking to these destinations:

The Sundew Bog

When the glaciers retreated thousands of years ago, they left behind huge depressions which eventually filled with water. Over the years, sediment and plants have grown, creating a “floating forest” with a unique ecosystem of parasitic plants, anaerobic waters and varied wildlife usually only found in arctic climates. Jump up and down to see the trees move, hunt for the carnivorous sundew plants and listen to the frogs croak. The bog is a moderate 35 minute hike, one way, from the Lodge.

The Ridgeline

The most scenic hike at the Lodge climbs steeply up the hillside, with plenty of views to inspire. Here it meanders to several more view points, including one that seems to hover directly above the Lodge, before descending back down. This challenging loop hike can be completed in several different ways and typically takes about two hours.

The Lookout

Climb the Lookout trail and enjoy a spectacular view looking south down Upper Campbell and Buttle Lake to the remote, glaciated peaks deep in Strathcona Provincial Park. Keep an eye out for deer tracks, as the trail follows old game paths through a Douglas Fir forest. For an eagle-eye view of the Sundew Bog, follow the trail a little further to the Upper Lookouts, before descending back into the forest. On it’s own the Lookout Loop takes about 1.5 hours and is a moderate to challenging hike.