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Relaxation Sport Massage

This massage is primarily intended for healthy customers, who are active in sports or resuming an active life. It is used to improve physical strength, energize, increase performance and help heal injuries. The massage can be used for reconditioning between trainning periods or when starting an exercise program after some absence. This massage technique helps to eliminate the signs of fatigue after training sessions or a hard day of work, and quickly removes the pain of strained muscles.

30 minutes- $50 / 60 minutes- $80 / 90 minutes- $110

Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian massage is based on a very fine and smooth technique from the Hawaiian Islands. It is popular due to its use of technology different from conventional massage. This is a full body massage, which promotes full body relaxation.

60 minutes- $90 / 90 minutes- $125

Hot Stone Massage

This massage can evoke wonderful feelings of relief and relaxation. Surely you can imagine the warmth of real lava stones. Their vibrations and heat affect the body’s energy pathways, have a beneficial effect on the mind and relax stiff muscles perfectly. Hot Stone massage uses high quality oils and excellent techniques. It can evoke a feeling of absolute peace and relaxation. Clients can feel the wonderful relaxing effect for a few days after the massage.

60 minutes – $90


One of the world’s oldest healing methods, this unique massage technique targets reflex points in the feet to bring all of the body’s organs back into balance and promote relaxation.

60 minutes- $75