“Rekindle the spirit of humanism through contact with the natural world” -Jim Boulding

Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training (COLT) was launched in 1977 by founder Jim Boulding. Today, it is a 100-day semester program dedicated to those looking to improve their skills in an outdoor setting, both personally and professionally. The program’s office and basecamp location is here at Strathcona Park Lodge.

Born out of a shortage of outdoor guides in the industry

The program was created as a way to educate future leaders through an immersive experience. Jim dedicated his life to creating a place where people could “rekindle the spirit of humanism” through contact with the natural world and COLT is a natural extension of this work.

The ripple effect of COLT

Our alumni often go on to become leading outdoor guides, land stewards and educators around the world. Through COLT, we continue the “ripple effect” that Jim devoted so much of his life to, impacting communities and lives across B.C. and beyond.



We have so many amazing memories from the COLT program that we wish to share these places with others. Therefore, this summer we have helped arrange and are guiding a tour on Vancouver Island!

– Ulrik and Lesley