SPL 3 for 3 Challenge

Missing all the great Vancouver Island races and multi-sport events this year? So are we, which is why we’ve created the Strathcona Park Lodge, 3 For 3 Challenge.

Complete any three of the following activities over three consecutive days before November 15 to be entered to win a free 2-night cottage rental at SPL for up to 4 people (valid Nov.15 2020 to May 15, 2021). Pick three activities from one category or one from each – the choice is yours. Enter as many times as you like.

Excited to start? Follow these easy steps to prepare:

Step 1

Connect! Join our event on Facebook (the link can be found here). This is where you can get the most up-to-date information on routes and prizes. Also, you should download Strava for free with this link. Strava is a great app to keep track of your sports and will be used as a leaderboard for the challenges.


Step 2

Plan! Which 3 days will you be getting out? Call up friends to meet up or book a cottage with friends, family or rivals (depending on how competitive you are). Our cabins are ideal so that you can keep your edge for the next activity.


Step 3

Train! Get on your bike, grab your paddle or tie those shoes! Our routes will be linked below after the finishing touches are completed.


Step 4

Compete! Get moving and have fun. We don’t need to tell you how to do this.


Step 5

Submit! Send in your results HEREDidn’t manage to finish? That’s okay! Send along your results anyways.



The Challenges


Green Paddle – SPL – Flannigan – around Treasure Island – back to SPL

Blue Paddle – SPL to Lupin Falls, return

Black Paddle – Air Nootka dock to Burman River


Green Hike/Run – SPL trails

Blue Hike/Run – Crest Mountain

Black Hike/Run – Jack’s Fell


Green Road Bike – SPL to Lupin

Green Mountain Bike – Snowden route

Blue Road Bike – SPL to Thelwood Creek bridge (south end of Buttle)

Blue Mountain Bike – Radar Hill

Black Road Bike – to the ocean either east or west

Black Gravel Bike – Campbell River

Black Mountain Bike – Snowden 30 km ride


Additional Info
  1. Activities must be done on three consecutive days by November 15 2020.
  2. Take a photo under the arch at SPL and post it along with photos of your activities with the hashtags #SPL3for3, #mySPL
  3. Difficulty ratings (green, blue, black) are guidelines to help you select the right level of challenge for each type of activity. Want to try one activity from each category and you’re an expert paddler and a novice biker? No problem, choose the Black paddle, Blue Hike/Run and Green biking. How many multi-sport athletes will tackle the black activity in each of the three disciplines? We can’t wait to see.
  4. Participants staying at SPL will receive an additional 10% off our seasonal rate (use promo code “3 For 3 Challenge”) and a Happy Warrior t-shirt (get ’em while they last).
  5. Complete the challenge of 3 activities in 3 days to be entered into the draw. For some it’s an extra motivation to get outside – it might also be about the bragging rights of getting the KOM or QOM or beating your friends. Record your activity on Strava for a chance to win additional prizes.
  6. Work in Progress – stay tuned for updates, Strava routes, and additional prizes.