Spring Whitewater Stoke

Spring Paddling 

The Gold River was the place to be this past week for SPL staff and river lovers alike. It’s an amazing place that provides quality paddling and picturesque scenes. After a good season of rain, it’s time to take advantage of Vancouver Island’s rivers, the higher water levels, and the beautiful spring weather. With more sun and less rain, river days are much more welcoming.

River Data

We had medium-low levels of approximately 55 – 65 CMS which was enough for fun lines on the Middle Gold (class II-III) and Lower Gold (class III (IV)). The name of the game was tight manoeuvres and boof rocks. The river at this level has enough water to run well and provide a few extra eddies to catch. The runs were so fun we hardly missed the Upper Gold (class IV) and Heber River (class IV) which need a bit more water to run safely.


Base Camp Options 

For folks looking for a place to call home after long days on the river, Strathcona Park Lodge is a great option. Only 40 minutes away from Gold River, the Lodge provides cabins with kitchens, wood-burning stoves and hot showers. The Gold River campground is convenient for those looking for a camping experience plus makes putting onto the Lower Gold very accessible.

If you’re looking for more information on the Gold River paddling check out our previous blog post “A White-Water Guide to the Gold River Area”. No matter where you paddle, remember to be safe out there and respect the river. The sun is hot but the river is still cold so be prepared, always check in with your fellow paddlers, and have safety measures in place. Paddling households make sure to add the Gold River to your list!

See you on the river,

-Dan Mously, COLT Instructor