Enjoying the summit while on the Backcountry Class summer camp.

WYLD Summer Camps


Discovery Camp

Age Group: 12-13 Years Old

Backcountry Beginnings

Age Group: 14-16 Years Old

Backcountry Adventure

Ages Group: 14 - 16 Year Old

Nootka Sea Kayak Adventure

Age Group: 14-16 Years Old

Backcountry Classic

Age Group: 15-17 Years Old

Duke of Edinburgh

Age Group: 16-18 Years Old

WYLD summer camps have different itineraries and destinations, but all teach life long skills.


by setting and achieving goals, students are able to build a healthy confidence that will foster a greater respect for themselves and the people around them.


instilling the added responsibility involved in wilderness travel helps people to work for themselves. This can help create a sense of independence and personal accomplishment.


in working with others and sharing in their hardships and triumphs, one learns compassion as well as a sense of tolerance.

Appreciation and Awareness for the world around us:

our classroom takes people away from the convenience of their everyday lives and requires them to live in balance with their surroundings.