Off the Grid

Keeping outdoor tourism sustainable for the generations to come

As a self-contained community operating entirely off-grid, we have been recognized internationally for our environmental initiatives. At the heart of our value system is the idea of doing more with less, and this applies to all levels of our operation. Since 1959, we have fostered principles of sustainable tourism and travel. Our programs place a great emphasis on self-propelled travel with the ultimate goal of fostering connections to the land and each other. And in our business, we aim to marry enriching experiences with vacation comfort, showcasing the potential for what can be achieved while still living off grid. *If you have questions about our sustainability efforts, or suggestions for how we can further improve, please email us at


By generating our own hydro-electric power using a Pelton Wheel, we have been able to operate on a minimal footprint and only use what we need. We also heat our water with passive solar technology, sourcing our water from Upper Campbell Lake and treating it using UV filters to ensure it is up to a drinkable standard. And, of course, we religiously follow the three “Rs” of sustainability in our everyday practices (reduce, reuse, recycle).


We have the privilege of being so close to the pristine wilderness of Strathcona Provincial Park, which is one of many reasons we take environmental stewardship so seriously. In discussions that surround salmon and environmental conservation efforts we are a key voice and we often consult with resource companies and community groups to protect environmentally sensitive areas. In our sustainability efforts we are always looking to lead the way in setting an industry standard at formal organizational levels.


2004 – Environmentally Responsible Tourism Award from Tourism BC and the Council of Tourism Associations of BC. 2003 – Josh Miner ’43 Award for “outstanding leadership in the fields of experiential and outdoor education” awarded to co-executive director Christine Clarke from Princeton University 1986 – Heaslip Award for Environmental Stewardship from the United Nations Environment Program, awarded to Jim and Myrna Boulding 1986 – Second in B.C. in the Quality of Life and Physical Environment Category of the B.C. Chamber of Commerce Award for Best Business Achievement (A.B.B.A.)