Youth Stewardship

Youth programming is the heart of our business.

We are passionate about investing in youth and providing young people with life-changing outdoor experiences. Our expedition-based outdoor school programs and camps provide opportunities for youth to connect with the outdoors, learn about themselves and each other, and test their limits in a safe environment. This learning creates a ripple effect—youth return to their communities empowered to create positive changes.



A colourful group of kayakers have gathered in the shallows after descending a waterfall... A black bear sow and her two cubs are fishing a little further upstream, and there are salmon leaping out of the churning rapids. The water is like molten gold reflecting end-of-summer sunshine and early autumn leaves. One girl finishes a mouthful of cookie and leans over to say to her instructor, "This was worth putting on the cold, damp wetsuit this morning!"

– Jennifer Van Hardenberg- St. Margaret's School